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If anyone's interested in joining me, my husband, and several friends in seeing Iron Man 2 IMAX this Saturday, May 15 for the 10:20 AM showing at Alderwood Mall (the theatre behind the mall near Starbuck's/McGrath's Fish House/Jamba Juice), please email me at wenchita at gmail.com. You'd be responsible for buying your own tickets, but there will be post-movie discussion/potluck at my place afterward.

ETA: edited to fix movie time
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Anyone want to get together to see Harry Potter when it opens? Any theatre would work (I'm not that picky, I just want to see it), but I'm open for seeing it in IMAX at the new theatres up by Northgate as well.

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Hi, and welcome to this community. It's not all that active (yet).

The intent of this is to be:
a community list for those slashers and other fen living in the Seattle metro area, so you can get together, hang out, swap tapes/fic/vids/prettyboy pics, or discuss last night's ep/performance/the great fanfic/songvid you just read/saw/missed, or anything else related to slash for those of you living in the Emerald City and its surroundings.

Any fandom-specific post: please put the name of the fandom in the SUBJECT header.

If anyone wants to get together for a pancake breakfast, to watch the new Harry Potter movie, a BBQ party, or any other get-together, please post it here! :-)


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